Transfering 35mm negative to digital form? Some more information about this?

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Transfering 35mm negative to digital form? Some more information about this?

Hello . I want some information about converting 35mm to digital.

First i want to say that i wanted for long time to try a film. I was shooting when i was kid with some automatic film cameras but now i took the chance and bought the Nikon F2As. It was sudden buy, it was in really good price from a relative and i bought it. I change the foam seals around and now i am ready to test it. I order some kodak colorplus films but as first try i wanted to try an old 35mm it was sitting in my room for 15 years. Its a Konika 100 film. By the way i set the camera to Iso around 64 , because the film is older and maybe i will get over exposure.

I also found a really good deal of a very cheap epson scanner than can scans 35mm negatives. I bought it because i had some old negatives from the time i was in school and i wanted to transfer in digital. This scanner is the Epson Flatbet scanner model 3200.

Although is very old 15-18 years old i made some testing and the result is very satisfied for me. I also proceed some negatives and the photos looks nice , very similar with the photos was printed 15 years back from a photography lab. i cant test them side by side because i dont have this photo any more but as i remember colors etc is very similar. The software coming with this scanner is very nice and is like small lightroom.

there are many ways to transfer film negatives to screen. Flatbet scanners, 35mm scanning devices and Digital cameras with Macro lenses.

I already choose my scanning device because i dont wanted to spend a lot of money for this, and i think that this epson scanner would be more than enough for me, it can scans 3200Dpi , thats is around 15mp image.

Now to the main part of the thread,

My first question is What things in film photography playing role to have a good image quality? i can understand that a lens is critical and the Film you using? but what about other factors like a camera?  Also i can understand that the material using for proceed the film and the way you proceed the film  to a negative may  have impact in quality but  this will proceed by a professional camera store so i hope i can get the best results.

second question is: About scanning devices. I can understand that all scanning devices  using a scanning optical Eye to read the film negative. i can understand that the image in film negative is A raw image- like the Raw image of a digital camera.  So if i used different method to scan the same negative i will get different results in colors etc? The resolution will be different because is depends about the scanning device and the optical resolving power will give . So lets say if i scan the negatives with my existing flatbet scanner i will get different colors from other scanning devices? is the software of each scanning device a jpeg engine that proceed the image to the final stage?

Thank you very much and sorry for my english :

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