Perception of photographers ruined by paparazzi, cellphone shooters?

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Re: Street Photography has always been invasive

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Historically, street photography and candid photography has done their fair share of shaping the perception of photographers.

If anything, smartphones have made people more comfortable with having their pictures taken.

I did street shooting when the horror of cellphone cameras didn't exist and never had a problem with people. IMO, their backs only started getting up with the advent of phones and "videography."

I think you'll find it is not so much phones per se, but the rise of social media and the widespread sharing of images on mass (largely facilitated by phones, of course), together with the growth of the surveillance state.

I'd agree about the surveillance state. I remember doing street stuff in the 80's and more often than not, people were flattered. Now...

It's the internet effect. What should worry them (surveillance cameras with AI everywhere, including phones that can identify you on the fly) but a good old static picture, what a huge worry. Complete nonsense. I wish people would worry about the things they don't see but are happening. Like the huge databases and systems that track them,

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