AF Illuminator with sigma mc-11 & canon lenses

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Re: AF Illuminator with sigma mc-11 & canon lenses

Philnw2 wrote:

ArnieNYC wrote:

At least in a well lit room. All focus points work with my canon 135 f2 lens. It even tracks focus.

I'm sure my lenses with F4 max ( 16-35 and 24-105 ) will not fare as well

That's my experience as well - love that 135 f2.

I only have one Sigma Canon mount 15mm fisheye that has center point focus only. Which i figure is due to the extreme nature of a fisheye. Having the center point is all i really need with that lens.

More to the point - In really dark conditions - just get a slender penlight and use that for manually focusing the camera. I've used that a few times.

It did and does irritate me that Sony can't have an option to manually turn on the red light when needed and i have to use a 3.00 flashlight instead of the $3000 plus camera. The red light doesn't even work when Sony a-mount lenses are used on the camera with the LAEA3 adapter, also made by Sony.

It’s exactly because of that. The a-mount adapter and the mc-11 when not using art lenses is working in legacy life, so only pdaf, no contrast detection. The light beam that the camera has, supposedly helps for contrast detection af but not as much for pdaf, that’s maybe why it’s disabled.
only native lenses or metabones using the advanced mode (or sigma mc-11 with art lenses) use the full pdaf + contrast af and can enable that light.

at least the 3000 dollar camera is letting you work with cheaper canon lenses and you don’t need to buy the more expensive (most of the time) native ones, and good thing the adapted lenses focus wide open (something that not always happens with the native).

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