Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

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Re: Calibration for monitor or calibration for both Monitor/printer

Charles2 wrote:

pixelgenius wrote:

Charles2 wrote:

Of course, for 99 percent of photographers who use color management, it is done as a single process with a hardware/software calibration package.

Of course hilarious (or sad?) that you speak (assume, speculate) for 99 percent of photographers and consider yourself in that group to speak for all of them.

No, it’s not a single process.

1. Work on your reading comprehension. 2. Take up your consulting FUD with Eizo.

Your misunderstandings of basic Color Management is well illustrated throughout these forums, and again, above.

This is absolutely NOT a single process and even the web page you’ve been misinformed about in the past gets it correct this time and states it, but your lack of reading comprehension is today further illustrated!


(1) Calibration is the process of getting your monitor into a desirable and well-defined state. This usually involves changing various physical parameters on your monitor, such as brightness from before, in addition to creating what is called a Look-Up Table (LUT).

(2) Profiling is the process of characterizing your monitor's calibrated state using a color profile. These characteristics include the range of colors your monitor is capable of displaying (the "color space"), in addition to the spacing of intermediate shades within this range ("gamma"). Other properties may also be included.

The reason there is so much misunderstanding of basic Color Management processes is those who don’t understand them, keep posting here over and over again and when corrected, call it FUD.

I’m sorry the facts above from your beloved cms site illustrates that again, you got it wrong and you sir, are posting FUD.

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