Perception of photographers ruined by paparazzi, cellphone shooters?

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Re: Perception of photographers ruined by paparazzi, cellphone shooters?

mamallama wrote:

tbcass wrote:

mamallama wrote:

LoneTree1 wrote:

mamallama wrote:

What about cellphone shooters?

In the same show they were shown as being more interested in shooting selfies at a celebrity memorial than memorializing the celebrity.

What's wrong with that?

Technically nothing but it's an indication of how self centered our society has become. I was brought up differently and taught that it is better to sacrifice yourself for the good of others.

I am not sure that taking pictures of celebrities without being in the picture yourself is some kind of sacrifice and how that is good for others???????

Looking at the quote from LoneTree1, this was all about taking selfies at a memorial.  I don't think Tom, or anyone, was suggesting the average person should be taking pictures of ANYONE at a memorial.  Unless for media purposes and then from a very respectful distance and limited number of exposures.  The notion of taking a picture of YOURSELF attending a memorial service of any kind is distasteful to some of us.

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