Perception of photographers ruined by paparazzi, cellphone shooters?

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Re: Perception of photographers ruined by paparazzi, cellphone shooters?

LoneTree1 wrote:

Was watching a TV show where one of the cops was hammering someone about "taking pictures of someone without their permission." In public. There is no such thing, it's legal to do that. But how many people out there don't know that, including cops? The photog of course was a seedy stalker of some celebrity but the linking of just taking photos with something wrong was there. I remember a poll done decades ago that found photographers were admired for their work, their profession, near the top of group of admired professions. I doubt that still holds.

In US there is no blanket legality when it comes to photography. Laws go by feds, then state, then county, then city, then private property. Even on private property, laws will govern what is sanctioned and what is not. So where ever you are, there are repercussions when it comes to “taking a photo without their permission”, not all of them legal.

I’ve been kicked off what I thought was a public street. I didn’t like it, made me really mad, ruined my afternoon and some of the next day, but it wasn’t “my” street. If I ever own a street, i might limit the competition in the same way. 😉

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