Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

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Re: Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

richard stone wrote:

I think what is perhaps going on here, for David, and I know this is an assumption, is that he may have the desire to have everything in the frame be (equally) sharp and in focus. To me this is also part of the disturbing allure of the Merrill cameras...

The reality is that we do not see things that are far away with anything like the clarity we can achieve with our Sigma cameras. Trying to keep everything in focus and sharp and detailed strikes me as about as misguided as "lifting" all the shadows in an image, the beginning of the road (paved with good intentions, of course), that leads (sadly) to HDR. Longer lenses can "solve" that problem.

Keeping the distant mountains (or buildings) "in focus" is, to me, something like a visual pun: What exactly is the viewer supposed to "focus" on, in the image? With a WA lens it has to be in the foreground, and middle, distance wise, not the background. Yes, it's fun to peep at these images with everything sharp and in focus, and it can also be disturbing, another legitimate result. (If it is intentional...)

And in the end, if you are trying to take pictures like that you are fighting with reality and your lens choice. I would not say that resistance is futile... But we have to pick our battles.

If you look at a landscape by Breughel, you will see that everything is in focus. Nobody ever complained.

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