New to m43; Upgrading from an OLY E-620 SLR

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New to m43; Upgrading from an OLY E-620 SLR

Hi All,

I've tried to read up as much as possible, but want to get a little more clarification before I pull the trigger on a new expensive body. I've been eyeing the OLY EM1X:

If I'm going to mirrorless, I figure I'd best have the latest tech. I understand there will be some announcements later in the week that may affect which body I go with, but for the purposes of my questions/clarifications here, we can assume it'll be a high-end OLY m43.

I currently shoot on an OLY E-620 SLR with the 50-200 SWR lens as my main.  I also own the 70-300, the 50 macro and 11-22 wide as well as the 2x teleconverter (EC-20).

As I understand things, it's possible to use the old SLR lenses (and even teleconverters) with the adapter:

Has anyone gone through a similar upgrade that could tell me about focus and picture quality using 43 lenses on a m43 body? I'm especially concerned that the EC-20 will work poorly in this setup, but I have nothing to back up that fear.

Are there features on the m43 lenses that m43 bodies take advantage of? I've read a little about hi res and pro focus but not sure exactly what gear combinations enable those (or the true capabilities for that matter).

I shoot mostly wildlife/nature and love reach. Though I do some night shots (marching band) and would like to be able to push higher ISO with clarity. My shots are fairly grainy currently.

Can anyone comment on the viability of 43 lenses and converters with m43 bodies? With my current gear are there any essentials I should consider (besides the adapter)?


Olympus E-620 (EVOLT E-620)
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