10-24 at 24/f4 for travel portraits??

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Re: 10-24 at 24/f4 for travel portraits??

MCMCNYC wrote:

Hi, fujisters!

Leaving in few days for Scotland, know there'll be lots of landscapes and castle interiors to be had in the Highlands.

I've got an X-E3, like to basically have it in my back or strapped to my bank at all times. I've got wide eyes, if you follow, and wanted a 14 to supplement my 23/2. Probably still will get that to keep in the bag long term.

From 10mm up to 14mm the IQ is spectacular. From 14mm up to 18mm it is very good. From 18mm up to 24mm it is just usable.

BUT, just played with a 10-24 and think I'm in love, especially with the IS. Was taking stay shots at 1/4 SS in Manhattan, lovely blurred people with sharp buildings.

I know I could manage with the 14, but the other factor, besides going wider, is we have toddler twins, and they are my true favorite subject. I'm thinking with the 24 end of the barrel, I'll be able to suit both my needs without having to juggle lens and miss shots it risk damage.

So I'm wondering, as an enviro-portrait lens shooting around 24(35), how does the fat boy hold up? I know it's not quite as fast, so I won't get wit so much isolation, but I think I can live with that for the flexibility.

IMHO the 10-24mm is the worst @ 23/24mm of all Fuji X-Mount line. But you could use it @24mm with good results. Keep the aperture between F5.6 and F8.0. Maintain your interest subject in the centre of the frame. In day light conditions or with speed light flash you'll get very good results.

Anything else to consider? Is the new 16 maybe a happy medium? If I'm in a cathedral, will I probably just want to keep the 14 on anyway?

I did not know the new 16mmF2.8, but I believe that at 16mm the zoom 10-24mm has better image quality than the tiny 16mm prime. The small size causes some constraints, it is optical physics. It usually has more vignette and distortion. To solve that with lightweight causes the lens to relies in software correction, that usually causes more image degradation than an optical correction.

As I write before the image quality between 10mm up to 14mm is spectacular, this is the sweet spot of this zoom lens

Happy shooting and debating!!

Hope that it is useful for your, but remember that other and even you may have different opinions and taste.

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