What memory card for the Canon M6 Mk II?

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Standardize testing

There are a whole host of variables that you need to take out of the equation if you want to get reliable data for card write speeds.

  1. Go to the custom functions and set your camera to release shutter without lens attached
  2. Set the camera to manual focus
  3. Set the shutter speed to 1/1000 and ISO to 100
  4. Turn off all lens corrections (peripheral illumination correction, DLO, etc)
  5. Set the burst mode to the highest possible
  6. Take off your lens and install the body cap
  7. Simultaneously start a stopwatch and hold down the shutter button
  8. Continue holding the shutter button for exactly 1 minute and then release the shutter button.
  9. Stop the stopwatch when the buffer finishes clearing
  10. Repeat the test for RAW, RAW+JPEG, JPEG, etc.

First and foremost, this method is repeatable by anyone with any camera with any memory card at any time of day anywhere in the world.  Also, this method eliminates as many processing demands as possible that may slow the camera.  Most of the testing being conducted so far stops shooting the instant the buffer is full. This is the moment that cameramemoryspeed.com STARTS their testing. This suggested test procedure is very similar to that used by cameramemoryspeed.com, but should be easier to reproduce by virtually anyone.

This procedure will give your several useful bits of data:

  1. Total number of frames captured in one minute
  2. Buffer clearing time
  3. The actual card write speed = total size in MB of all frames captured / (60seconds + buffer clearing time in seconds)

With RAW files at 14fps, you are creating a massive amount of data and will quickly flood the buffer, regardless of card speed.  What matters with burst shooting is how soon you can fire another burst.  By doing this extended test above, you will have a better idea how many total shots you will be able to capture over a period of time.  Three seconds of buffer clearing time may free up enough space for 15 more images with one card, but only 10 more with another.  Over a one minute period, that could add up to a very significant difference of 180 images versus 120 images.

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