THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

Interesting thought. I wonder how the unit costs of the Z50 compare with say the D3500. Very similar bodies, with very few physical controls. Sticking 3 controls on a dedicated bit of the screen simplifies construction and reduces cost. Only the second control dial adds to the costs. The EVF is probably around the same cost as the D3500s simple OVF. The movable screen adds to the cost slightly.

The difference is that the D3*** series paid for its development costs years ago. The Z50 is only just starting to recuperate its development costs. Like the Z6/Z7 the Z50 is priced to get back as much of the development costs as quickly as possible, so higher margins but also taking into account lower sales.

Over the long term Nikon should get the benefits of its strategy provided the price doesn't drop too low. So I reckon that Nikon with introduce a lower price basic model rather than drop the Z50 price too much, although it will drop. Nikon also has room to slot in a more expensive top of the range model. I'd put the Z50 somewhere between D5*** and D7*** in capabilities; the second control dial lifts it above D5***.

Not really a revolution, but it is a strategically priced product which will change the APS-C landscape somewhat.

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