Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

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Re: Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

DMillier wrote:

I used to love wide angle lenses - I thought they produced very dramatic imagery.

Nowadays I shoot almost always with longer focal lengths, even for landscapes. I find that using wide angles almost always results in terrible compositions.

Question is, why? Ultra wide angles are very popular these days, everyone uses them, often with great success. But I can't shoot anything wider than 35mm equivalent without getting poor compositions.

Why do I find wider lenses so hard to compose with? There must be something about the characteristics of wide lenses that is hard to control...

Don't worry, this is not confined to you. You are one of the only people who realise or admit it.

I soon realised that the interesting bit of many landscapes was on the horizon and ultrawides exaggerated foreground clutter.

I did get an ultrawide but the bigger the landscape I'm shooting, the longer the lens I prefer to use now. My ultrawides are mainly for small spaces. I may use fisheyes for indoor spaces with a lot of people because it doesn't make them bigger at the edges.

The longer lens compression effect is helpful on some landscapes, making stacked rows of things.

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