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Re: 90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

thomste wrote:

Hi all,

Trying to figure out whether I am making mistake or if the Tamron 150-600 g2 is not good at fast moving subjects, or if it is a 90D issue (unlikely i think).

I used AI Servo and ITR is turned off

for both examples I was using 9 points focusing and the camera/lens seems to have chosen to focus on something else than the actual moving subject.
I can may be understand the confusion on the first example as the background is busy (although it is not in focus either but anyway) but I can't understand why the blue sky would be prioritised against the bird that is across 2 points and more contrasty than the sky?

I had another example, which I can't find anymore (may have deleted the shot) where the bird was across 5 points but the focus was 'acquired' on the top 3 points which was blue sky

Am I making mistakes or is the Tamron 150-600 g2 rubbish at catching moving things?
Would I get better results with the Canon 100-400 ii and 1.4x TC? I understand the 100-400 has better AF but not sure how much the converter affects AF speed

Thank you

I was having the exact same problem with my Tamron 150-600 (1st version) on the 90D. Stills were often good. Anything moving, not so good.

One day, I took out my 6D with the lens and was reminded how well the combo works, compared to the Tamron 150-600 + the Canon 90D.

Ended up returning the 90D. It's a lovely camera, but I didn't want to purchase an expensive lens in order to enjoy it. Esp when my 6D works so consistently well with the old Tammy.

See below (both crops):

6d + Tamron 150-600

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