THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution Too Expensive? Nah

indra wrote:

krikman wrote:

indra wrote:

I have one point to make!

  • The beef many people have here is that they want Z7 functionalities like IBIS, 5" EVF, triple fully articulated screen bla bla and most important for the price around 200 dollars. I don't think they even have any Nikon gear.

You miss the point.

The people here have, use and love their Nikon gear. And because of using these cameras and lenses need regular renewal.

It may be done by many ways. Some ways are stright and clear, but others are cumbersome and wrong. Don't you regret buying wrong equipment in urgency just because of lack of information?

Well, first let me say English is not my native language so don't mind my crooked grammar and vocabularies.

Second, Z50 is priced accordingly the segment he's suppose to compete in and his direct competitors are Sony A6400 and Fuji X-T30. I get tired of people screaming for IBIS while the direct competitors don't have that as well. They want everything but don't want to pay for those. That annoys me tbh.

Third, I can see what Nikon is doing. Of course they want you to use / migrate to their FF system as the big money is in there. Regular Joe buys a low end model with kit lens and that's it. You and me we buy what we need and more. Now imo it would be stupid of Nikon to focus on the low segment where there is hardly any profit. I want Nikon to keep existing as I'm happy with my Nikon gear.

Last, how so lack of information? I'd say If one is to invest lot money in something he better be do his research. If there is no / lack of information then don't, nobody is putting a gun to your head to make you spend your money isn't it?

Well, I use a D750 having come from a D700. The main problem I have is that the flash systems does nutty things compared to other cameras.

I am pretty happy with my D750 and 28-300mmVR. However, I was blown away by the IBIS and Lens IS on the Olympus EM1.2 +12-100mm.

I think the Z50 is well priced, however, without IBIS, it's not a lot of interest to me.

I have a feeling that my next camera will be a D500. That does what I want for the odd sports meeting, the D50 does not.



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