Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

"There are many examples of excellent photos made with the SEL 16/2.8, 16-50, 20mm pancake and no one claims that these lenses are "best in class". They are all compromised designs and I would be crazy to compare the results of a Sony 16/2.8 with a Sigma 16/1.4"

naturally... but... like the "physics laws" (preventing decent IQ in compact glass), the "good enough IQ" (given a great subject + skill) is another myth defending the undefensible.

These here are two orthogonal topics:

a) Given enough talent and craft, excellent (ie., esthetically pleasing) photos are achievable even with technically inferior lenses. Indeed. This was amply proven before, including your own samples posted here - nice!

b) However, the above images could only profit from superior (yet compact) lenses, which OTOH don't always need to be in Sigma size (they choose IQ+cost vs. size, from the lens design trilemma), nor in G-class of price (Sony's Premium Pricing).

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