Have i made a mistake.....

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Re: Have i made a mistake.....

jrk wrote:

If I were going to Disney I would either take the X100F or the X-T3 with the 18-55. I would prefer to stay with the KISS philosophy.

Another vote for 18-55.

I always travel with my family, being the main carrier/porter, photography is only secondary, I can't afford swapping lenses, or carrying extra such as tripod. I found the tiny X-T20 with 18-55 to be a really good combo. The f/2.8 is fast enough for most indoor shots, OIS allows shooting at 1/4s easily where applicable, 18mm is wide enough and 55mm is usually close enough. The X-T20 is usually strapped to my right wrist, or goes back to my hip across shoulder.

I tried shooting with a phone but that didn't work well. Beside the need to turn on the phone, it's hard to press the button on screen or volume button while trying to stay steady, and you have to look at the screen to know what's in the frame, and it isn't snappy to get the pic at the right time, not to mention mediocre quality in low light. With the X-T20 and 18-55, I generally know where I'm pointing at, can easily shoot from the hip or without aiming to catch the moment, or snap multiple shots in a row (usually ends up with at least one good shot).

Thanks to that setup, taking pictures never interferes with the trips, and I'm ready whenever they ask and pose for photos, otherwise it's all candid. I've practiced enough that I can rotate the camera and snap 8-10 shots for panorama in less than 30 seconds.

Others have mentioned spending time with your family instead of worrying about taking photos. From my experience, as long as taking picture does not distract you too much, those shots are priceless. My daughter and I occasionally go through the past albums: Disney World, Hawaii, Hollywood, ... we enjoy remembering those moments, pointing out details that we've long forgotten. That's why I choose the best camera I can afford and try to master it as much as I can.

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