Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

Pancake is a compromise, it can't make a good picture and will lost a battle with top smartphones. Lenses those can resolve full APS-C matrix can't be small.

Somehow this "law of physics" seems to apply only to Sony...

How come that my old APS NX pancakes, Canon's, Fuji's and more recently nikon's Z can defy such myths?

Some i know from my own experience, others from galleries - all exceeding what my Sony kits and pancakes can extract in IQ. Just have a look at IQ in daily subjects from the recent samples Fuji X-A7 (w/ 15-45 kit), Z50 etc...

That's the reason --the ocassional 'critical work'-- why i'm still holding on to my old NX and nikon systems, while i use my Alphas (6 bodies) for good weather walkarounds/travel and for adapting exotic glass.

In some cases even my $120 Xiaomi phone --or my old NX100/kit, or my Canon P&S-- take more usable shots than the Sony kits. Particularly in finely-printed paper reproductions  -whereby Sony's extreme field curvature is practically impossible to compensate for.

Net: Irrespective of how many great shots are still attainable with proper subjects/light/skills, Sony's kits and pancakes have plenty of room to improve in IQ. They were arguable a decade ago (hence my adoption of NX), forgivable for their other merits (size, street price), yet undefensible today.

The world has moved on also in the humble compact kits - not only the FF GM...

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