So how good is the 90D video?

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Re: So how good is the 90D video?

Steve_tEkGuY wrote:

G Dickson wrote:

For many reasons the 90D would be a great addition to my 6Dii. My old 1Div has been a great tool for me, but the weight and bulk and lack of resolution is a thing. The 6Dii (while not up to say BIF type tracking as well as the 1Div) has been my constant body choice for the last 6 months. I used to own a 7D which was replaced by a the used 1Div as I shoot a lot of wildlife.

The 10fps and crop factor and resolution are very enticing. Increasingly I use my cameras for video though and there the 6Dii (not to mention the 1Div) just doesn't cut the mustard. The 6dii video is really not that great at all. My little em10ii actually beats it hands down - but no mic port and the poor AF means that I hardly use the olympus for video.

So the 90D has a lot going for it:

- DPAF in 4K

- headphone jack

- No crop 4K (although as I have quite a bit of wider glass a crop is not that big a deal to me if it means getting GOOD quality).

- Canon digital IS is actually pretty good. My 16-35 f4 IS and digital IS provides pretty smooth footage.

-1080 at 120fps. I can live with no AF I think.

I am a big fan of the tilty flippy screen, and while I like an EVF for certain reasons, for wildlife it is just not for me. So the 90D sounds like it might be right up my street!

The video frustrations have made me even contemplate going more into m4/3, but I really don't want to as my m4/3 kit is my small and cheap travel kit and must stay that way. If Canon can deliver good video and also give me a crop body that can perform really well for wildlife then I am really intrigued. My 6Dii gives me the wide & low light stuff and the 90D woudl give me reach and video. I realise the AF servo performance of the 90D is not up to 7dII standards (or even 1D mkIv), but if it is equal to or better than the 6dII then I can live with that.

So bottom line I would like to hear from users experience with regard to the video quality if possible. The lack of All-I is a concern. I am not talking about commercial production work, but I do want decent quality 1080 and 4K. The 6Dii frankly is just not that good.

For me 1080P is excellent. A little better than my RP for distant details and much more detail compared to my 6Dmk2.

I can always down res 4K into 1080P as a second choice but I'm finding 1080P to be very good for family outings. Looks great even on 4K 65 inch Samsung.

Now if I want more reach I enable 4K CROP and Image IS and this gets me zoomed right into the moon with my 100-400Mk2 and 1.4 extender.

90D has very good detail and its much better than the A73 in 1080P. Can you imagine how much better it would be if the AA filter was removed ? I think that is whats saving Sony right now in 4K no AA filter.

Steve, many thanks indeed for your detailed reply.  Its getting more and more tempting!

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