Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

Advent1sam wrote:

Max Polonski wrote:

Pancake is a compromise, it can't make a good picture and will lost a battle with top smartphones. Lenses those can resolve full APS-C matrix can't be small.

Let’s see, the Samyang 24 2.8 weighs 95g, apparently it’s a superb optic, along with the 18 2.8, also 145g only, so these are not flat pancake designs but they aren’t huge lenses either by any means!

Pair them with the a65/6600 and you have a fully stabilised compact system, who else offers this outside m43?

is there anyone that already tested and use the samyang 24mm 2.8 and 18mm 2.8 extensively on sony A6XXX camera?

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