90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

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Re: 90D + Tamron 150-600 g2

DanInSoCal wrote:

thomste wrote:

Am I making mistakes or is the Tamron 150-600 g2 rubbish at catching moving things?
Would I get better results with the Canon 100-400 ii and 1.4x TC? I understand the 100-400 has better AF but not sure how much the converter affects AF speed

The Tamron G2 is not the best for tracking fast moving objects. I have had good success with birds against the sky, but not against busier backgrounds. I see this as a good lens for more static subjects. It can give astounding results within its limits. Not sure a direct comparison of the 150-600 G2, and the 100-400 L II + TC, is reasonable given the 2x price differential. You get what you pay for.

I am curious why you disabled iTR -- it's specifically designed to help with tracking, after all. That's what it does.


Yes I agree the 150-600 g2 is a great lens for static subjects, I got really great sharp results with it. Even with slower moving subjects like surfers etc.. 
I understand the 100-400 is double the price but if it is a lot better than the Tamron then I might just get one... but I don't want to get one if the AF performances with a 1.4x tc are going to be just as bad as the Tamron.

I disabled iTR as the manual says it can slow down the focusing, which is not what I want for fast moving stuff. My understanding is that iTR also specifically looks for faces and can get confused when he doesn't find any. I saw a video of a guy showing how iTR was focusing on random faces instead of his subjects while he was shooting football. He fixed the issue by disabling iTR.

I am going to rent a 100-400 ii this weekend and see how it performs with my 1.4x tc.
Lucky in Sydney there is shop that does short term rentals

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