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LoneTree1 wrote:

There is no Sony lens as good as the Olympus 300mm f/4.0. 300mm f/4 won't get you very far in wildlife with a FF sensor either, you need a lot more focal length. But, the sheer pixel count of the R Sony's does help them almost achieve the same reach as a 20mp m4/3rds camera, just not quite as much, even with a 600mm Sigma sports lens.

Oly 300 f/4 is indeed unique lens. Nevertheless, we do not know too much on performance of Sony 100-400 with A7R IV. If the Sony 100-400  resolves the pixels density of A7RIV (which is very close to one of m43) then with this lens at 400 mm one can get even slightly better reach than with OLY 300 on 20Mpx m43. Also, as it was demonstrated here by daran, with Sony 200-600 one can get even more.

Thus all will depend on availability (price) of Oly 150-400 f/4.5 with the built-in focal length extender.

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