Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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Re: Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

i fully agree, and yet this issue has been raised time after time for nearly a decade on this forum...

Thus far w/o any competitive pancake prime or zoom from Sony. Tiny lenses with great IQ for APS-C don't seem to be on Sony's agenda

Yesterday i just x-posted this below (with due apologies):

While I don't plan to switch my too many Alphas to another system, yet looking at the humble Fuji X-A7 i admit that its 15-45kit seems embarrassingly* better than any of my best Sony kits [and pancake primes].

My subjective evaluation: I do have 5 Sony E-mount zoom kits, 16-50* (sold today with a6x00 bodies well north of 1K$) and 18-55; all usable, yet none competing with Fuji's 15-45 kit [Ditto for the 16 and 20mm pancakes, lovely tiny and yet under average in IQ].

I'm envious on my older NX lenses (wrong/defunct system) and the newer pancakes from Fuji, Nikon Z and Canon, but i'm too deep into Sony to switch.

Can't Sony produce a compact pancake kit similar to Samsung's, Fuji's in IQ (also fully open), and manual like the nikon z ? Must we buy hulky G lenses?

(Some folks may also argue about Canikon's newer APS kits as also superior to the SEL1650 - and that's quite easy to believe.)

IMHO Sony's E-mount kits, as well as the 2 pancake f/2.8 primes today arguably are the worst in the industry wrt. IQ - in some cases by quite a margin.

The best AF in the industry can't compensate this (though it's a different market segment), nor the best sensors and bodies - oracularly assuming that Sony will eventually restart to innovate beyond its last few Canon-like upgrades.

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