Sony needs at least one really good pancake lens

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I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in wanting a very compact lens. With such a nice compact body as A6X00 a good pancake lens could satisfy many photographers looking for pocketable street shooter. There is plenty of love going for Fuji X100 series for example. Sure Sony cannot deliver styling and controls of X100, but size shouldn't be a problem. With current mediocre 16mm (2010 release) and 20mm (2013 release) offerings, unfortunately Sony can't compete in this segment with Fuji or Canon's EF-M 22mm F2. Why can't we get one good, fast and sharp pancake in 20 to 24 mm focal lens, like Canon's 22mm F2? It sure won't take away any business from Sony's FF, but could steer some customers away from competitors.

The E16 aside, the E20 and E1650 would already fit the bill, if on the A5x00 series cameras.,535.360,831.117,ha,t

For most A6x00 cameras, I think that the compromise between size and quality favors the quality angle.

Compared to the Canon, the Sony's are smaller already:,562.369,535.360,ha,t

Canon with 22/f2 left, Sony with 20/f2.8 right

I wouldn't mind the size of Canon's 22mm. The issue is that Sony doesn't offer F2 and even if I accept the slower F2.8, it is not a sharp lens. It sure is not a competition to Fuji's 23mm F2 or Canon's 22mm F2 in low light, subject separation or sharpness.

SEL1650 is a different animal.

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