Fast primes vs good zooms

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Re: Fast primes vs good zooms

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The faster aperture of fixed lenses is often cited as the primary reason and advantage. However, I feel that it is a blanket statement without proper context. The next important factor to consider is depth of field, which decreases with larger aperture opening. In many situations that I am interested in, depth of field is just marginally deep enough even at f/4. Any shallower will be the wrong direction. So, I don't typically use fixed even though I have all of the f/1.7 and f/2.0. Instead, I use the 12-100 (most of the time) and 12-40 (some of the time) for flexibility. It is my habit and preference. YMMV.

Took your example in my calculating-app and a 15mm at f/1.8 and focusplane set at 3m will give me a DoF of 2.47m 0.79m til 1.68m

At 2m focusplane it wil have still a DoF of 1m

And after 8.32m it's hyperfocal.

So indeed, when i need to shoot a bigger/deeper object i need to be more then 8m away from my selected "i want this sharp"

That's not that bad or not?

It depends. Focal length is a significant factor, 15mm is not as bad as 45m or 60mm. The DOF calculation is quite objective, but perception can sometimes be subjective, like textural complexity and contrast. There is no absolute right or wrong, just personal preferences.

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