Fast primes vs good zooms

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Re: Fast primes vs good zooms

spike29 wrote:

Trying to get insight about why a prime with a fast aperture is "needed" to accomplish a set of zooms for casual photography.

Getting GAS about a PL15 f/1.7 but didn't pull the trigger when got the prime in the cross hairs. hesitated to burn 300 something euro's

Primes are often faster in aperture so f2.8 against a f1.7 is a officious victory for the prime. I don't want a shelf full of lenses to choose from before i leave the house and don't want to over-tech/buy my gear for the use i have. I like my one bag solution of only choice do i bring my tripod or not, rest in a backpack ready to go. There is some room for the prime but what do i get more out a fast prime besides the officious of faster aperture and shallower dof up close.

So why is a PL15mm f/1.7 preferable over a PL12-60?

Why is an apple is preferable to an orange? Not a fair comparison.

- 15mm on the pl12-60 is about f/3.1 so around 2 stops slower then f/1.7

field of use i can think of: inside buildings, evening city /landscape/ architecture. (when there is no movement no difference to the zoom and the zoom is more convenient wile walking and i have 12-15mm more FOV.)

So Do i want it because of , well, to much time here on DPR fireing up GAS for no reason other then rub off / inhalation of Techtalk? or is there a good practical upgrade for a casual shooter experience and is a 300-469 euro the proper investment?

please push me of the fence either way because it starting to itch LOL.

The technical differences: size, weight, aperture/DOF, and focal range versatility are obvious.

Perhaps "compromise" with a PL 12-35 f2.8 or Oly 12-40 f2.8?

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