Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

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Re: Nikon D700 or alternatives/General DSLR question

PrinzMegaherz wrote:

Had the D700 and loved it.

Just be prepared to spend lot‘s of time in Lightroom, since you will want to shoot raw.

Dynamic range is limited, always underexpose and raise shadows in post. Noise levels are great at base iso, you can do a lot with the shadow slider before visible noise appears.

Do lot‘s of exposure bracketing and use a good hdr tool.

AF is good, but not state of the art. No eye-AF or such.

My biggest complaint: No tilting screen! Sounds like nitpicking, but it makes taking shots from interesting angles difficult

Will take this into consideration thanks!

With the Fuji I’ve had I didn’t do much post processing, usually pictures turned out to be fine, as long as they were during the day time.

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