Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Re: Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Z50 has magnesium weatherproof body with twin dial controls. Probably not difficult to replace the APSC sensor with a FF sensor for another $200 (just guessing). Manufacturing cost is shared by the two cameras. Add back a few features like CLS. Now we have Canon RP competitor with MRSP of <1200.

Forget about it. It is far more difficult than you think. You underestimate the work.

But, if that was one of the design parameters...

It was not. Nobody ever built a camera with that sort of specification because it would make it far too expensive and complicated, without any benefits for Nikon in this case. These cameras are not modular.

I don't think JoeGuide was intending to suggest the Z50 was designed for field replacement of the sensor. I think the suggestion was that a revision to the design would enable a FF mirrorless body to be produced, using essentailly the same innards.

In fact, Thom Hogan has suggested the same idea in his article 'Reader questions about the Z50". Right at the end, he has this question and answer:

Q "Can we tell anything from the Z50 positioning?"

A "Maybe. I wouldn't put it past Nikon to produce a Z5 full frame camera using the exact same Z50 body and specifications. It would be almost a no brainer to do. And it could be priced under the Z6 because it doesn't have the fancier EVF and LCD, the top display, or on-sensor VR (among other things)."

Exactly. In a contracting market, it makes sense to limit the cost of production and recycle design or components whenever possible. As I alluded to earlier, to have a full line of camera body, you need 4 body types. Type A-pro extra large body. Type B-large body Z6/7. Type C-small body too small for IBIS (Z50), and Type D-headless (san EVF) soap bar. No need to keep reiterating the styling since Nikon ergonomic are the best in the business. No need to change the buttons (don't move the cheese per Thom).

Add whatever sensor into the existing body: APSC20 mp, APSC 36 mp, FF 24, large FF 40, superlarge FF 60, and high speed pro 24. Add or exclude IBIS.

Follow the nomenclature.

Z6/7--Z70 will be 36+ mp APSC camera with IBIS.

Z50-no IBIS--expect Z5 to have be FF with no IBIS.

Z40 will be budget camera with no EVF-- not sure if they will make san EVF FF.

Of course as much as possible is reused in different models but that doesn't mean the only difference between the Z50 and the Z5 will be the sensor.

Agreed. There will be subtle changes which does not have to significantly change the overall chassis. The Z6/7 body is not perfect; it needs an external connector for a battery grip for shutter release, but these are small changes and I expect them to fix that, certain by the time Z70 is released. That makes for accessories like battery grip to be more useful across the line.

Also the sensor and chassis changes can occur on alternate years. Think about BMW series (I don't own or like BMW BTW). The engine is changed alternate years to their body changes-often never the same year.

Funny you'd say that about the BMW... I have just last week placed an order on one, production started this week (confirmed from Munich) and the delivery will be the last week of November. Any specific reason why you don't like BMW? I never had one before but had one for a test weekend two weeks ago and must say that I was very happy with it. Configured and ordered one and that was it.

Cut cost, and standardize the way we interact with the camera. Have accessories that can be used on more than one body type. Create a camera system/environment that is keeps customers vested in what they have. Certainly a winning strategy for Apple.

Yes and it is not very revolutionary.

They handle great. My wife had one. Make sure you get the extended warranty if you plan to drive it beyond warranty.

I drive a used 20 year old SUV Toyota.

If you live near South Carolina, make sure to take delivery in Greenville factory. They offset the delivery cost by giving you a free nght at a local hotel and a free day at the driving course. Worth it.

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