ryzen 2700 vs 3600

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Re: ryzen 2700 vs 3600

Echoa wrote:

stefanocps wrote:

about older mb and 3rd series of amd

I read that these mb need to have bios upgrade, and i will not be able to do that upgrade since it is supposed to be done within an amd system already, for example with a 2nd series, upgrade bios and then go with 3rd series

is that correct?

Depends on the mobo, of you get a decent gigabyte or Asus board they have a built in BIOS flash function that will do it automatically when you put the BIOS file on a USB drive and plug it into the dedicated port for it

Ryzen 3k will be best for doing photo work vs 2k with the increased performance and memory speeds. Combine it with an x470 mobo and decent RAM kit and make sure the infinity fabric runs at 1800-1900mhz you'll be golden. Unless you plan on doing some crazy raid NVME setup PCIE 4 is useless as a 2080ti can't even saturate the gen 3 bus.

My advice is don't go cheap on your mobo, you'll pay for it later. Get the best mobo you can

i d rather buy a better x470 than the cheapest x570

but how to make sure i'll be able to flash bios via usb with system not recognizing cpu yet?

and yes i m planning to use 32gb ram , and for gpu, need again to save some, may be a gtx1060..not the best but should be enough, isnt'it?

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