Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Re: Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Z50 has magnesium weatherproof body with twin dial controls. Probably not difficult to replace the APSC sensor with a FF sensor for another $200 (just guessing). Manufacturing cost is shared by the two cameras. Add back a few features like CLS. Now we have Canon RP competitor with MRSP of <1200.

Forget about it. It is far more difficult than you think. You underestimate the work.

But, if that was one of the design parameters...

It was not. Nobody ever built a camera with that sort of specification because it would make it far too expensive and complicated, without any benefits for Nikon in this case. These cameras are not modular.

I don't think JoeGuide was intending to suggest the Z50 was designed for field replacement of the sensor. I think the suggestion was that a revision to the design would enable a FF mirrorless body to be produced, using essentailly the same innards.

In fact, Thom Hogan has suggested the same idea in his article 'Reader questions about the Z50". Right at the end, he has this question and answer:

Q "Can we tell anything from the Z50 positioning?"

A "Maybe. I wouldn't put it past Nikon to produce a Z5 full frame camera using the exact same Z50 body and specifications. It would be almost a no brainer to do. And it could be priced under the Z6 because it doesn't have the fancier EVF and LCD, the top display, or on-sensor VR (among other things)."

Modular is not necessarily the same as "field replaceable". Anyway, it is not just the sensor which needs to  be replaced, it's a totally different camera. As of the argument that the Z mount is far too large for the DX format, well, the F mount is also far too large yet they never had any DX/FX DSLR cameras.

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