THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution

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Re: THE Z50 is a mirrorless revolution Too Expensive? Nah

krikman wrote:

karlreed wrote:

I am electronics engineer who was trained on valves and transistors..

I cannot get used to the idea that systems that hold what would have been buildings full of hardware in the 1960's for a few hundred dollars in 2019 are expensive.

More than what I want to or will pay?


But, not expensive!

Without IBIS, I'm not interested in Nikon DX-Z. As we speak an EM1.2 and lenses are a better choice.

I begun my career as radio ingeneer in late 1980-s and visited several semiconductor plants as a customer's representative. And I was surprised how cheep those low-integrity chips were just from production line, before they tested, and how much cost added by package, testing and qualifying. And besides excessive testing, production expences of 10 transistors on chip or million were almost the same.

Also I saw how profitable to exclude mechanical components from device, especially those that needed manual adjustments and assembly. Since that time I notice in every piece of equipment where and how manufacturers save its money by cutting down sheer number of components in their devices.

At first I was surprised why no IBIS in Z50, then I found only one reason for it - the Z50 designed for very low price, cutting down every costly components.

I agree with that.

And I'd guess that the cost of a VR assemby in a very small standard zoom lens is a lot less than an IBIS in a camera body...

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