Been thinking about why the Z mount was made so big

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Re: Been thinking about why the Z mount was made so big

michaeladawson wrote:

dai7p wrote:

The main reason behind Nikon's switch from F to Z mount, as I see it, is to sale the same set of lenses once again. That's why they at first ditched support AI in newer bodies and AF-D lenses in FTZ later, that's why FTZ costs ridicules 250$ instead of been included for free with any Z-mount camera. They see their main source of the future profits in lenses, not in bodies.

You are so laughably wrong. I pity those who have such a high distrust of corporations that they can’t see the facts.

I see comments like this a lot; it may be a reaction to the ever increasing cost of lenses. One of the problems with a long-duration legacy mount is that there are decades of lenses that can use it, with greater or lesser support for current features. The Z-mount appears to blow that out of the water with higher IQ lenses that add to the premium. The FTZ is of course the way to use f-mount lenses on Z bodies, but there's apparently a lot of D lenses still being used that can no longer be used.

Photography has always been an expensive pastime. Now more than ever.

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