Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

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Re: Is there a need for F1.4 lenses....

lattesweden wrote:

Winder wrote:

Natural light photographers who's style only requires 1 pixel actually be in focus and a background that looks like pudding are probably the biggest market.

As a natural light model photographer I agree. I only want the eyelash in focus and the rest of the pudding I want to look like pudding (not sure that was clear. How can it be, pudding isn't really clear, but anyway a pudding in Swedish is the same as a beautiful girl).

Anyway, what we eyelash pudding shooters need is a new type of sensor that puts all the sharp pixels together in a cluster so that the sharp area will have a high pixel density but the out of focus areas gets fewer pixels.

So basically a sensor with moving pixels that like a fish swarm swims to the area of sharpness. This will also make the total Mpix of the sensor lower, since only the eyelash is sharp, meaning that Sony can rest with developing a non destructive compressed RAW-format another five years or so.

VarioPixel (TM) is the name of this technology and remember where you read about it first.

Wasn't this Vario-Pixel invented 100 years ago with lenses that are brutally sharp in the center and soft as silk in the periphery? Of course, you are restricted to shooting in the center and then cropping.

I never tried Swedish Pudding, do they make good ones like in the USA or is it just an expression? I did have a few employees from Sweden. Highly professional, intelligent, very kind.

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