B&H Photo Canceling All X-H1 Deal Orders

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Re: B&H Photo Canceling All X-H1 Deal Orders

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Interesting from a legal perspective. They put out an offer, you accepted.

I'm no lawyer and don't want anyone to presume for a second I am, but the equitable doctrine of unilateral mistakes says when online retailers make honest, good-faith pricing mistakes that result in substantial losses to the benefit of online shoppers, their mistake could be grounds for rescinding the unfavorable contract. One party’s mistake can make the contract voidable when the mistake concerns a basic assumption on which the contract was formed and has a material effect on the agreement that is adverse to that party. Courts will consider whether the sale would cause the retailer a loss, rather than merely earn a diminished profit ... Rescinding the contract is the only available remedy under unilateral mistake; it is not a basis for reformation ... the retailer must cancel the customer’s order and re-offer the product at the actual price.

Thank you for providing input on this. While I personally have no issue with people taking advantage of a good deal, once it became obvious that this was an error it was less appealing. I can’t agree with those that became upset when B&H canceled their orders.

Fair enough but if they intend to have these days where they are not monitoring sales activity they should consider charging on fulfillment, not sales orders.  Having money withdrawn and held for several days isn’t the most customer-centric approach.

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