Blink decision.. which one would you choose - 2kit going to 3kit ? a7Riv

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Re: Blink decision.. which one would you choose - 2kit going to 3kit ? a7Riv

Guy Churchward wrote:

Just returning the Sony 24-105, not going into massive detail but didn’t feel a leap over the 16-34 I have so didn’t feel the purchase added an extra dimension for me (lens great just personal choice)

so I have a Zeiss f4 16-34 and a 100-400GM

I have 4 paths I am contemplating :-

1. Add the 200-600

2. Buy the 24-70GM and sell the 16-34 (or keep)

3. Add the 90mm Macro

4. Buy the 27-70 + 90m and sell the 16-34


‘’thought process’

1. I don’t want to compromise but also find the Zeiss pretty damn good but wonder how much shaper and better a GM woul be sitting on the body daily..

2. I like wildlife photography so extra length (1.4x pairing) is always good and a monster pap lens is entertaining

3. I like proper macro photography but when I had my Canon setup 150m Macro I found I rarely used likely it will be a fad lens not a regular

4. Perhaps I should spend up on a daily lens and buy the GM, gor]t nervous first time round on people moaning at weight but perhaps that’s the choice I shoo have taken in the 1st place...

right now I have concluded the 24-105 isn’t the daily I want, and will keep the 16-34 for travel... 100-400 is planted on the lens for activity in the garden and will continue with these two and learn the combos but am interested in your immediate gut reaction on the choice you would take.

so 1-4 ?

What do you need? The GM lenses will add sharpness, but only visible on the R bodies and in the fine details. They add f/2.8, this is more interesting, at least to some.

16-35 is too wide for daily and/or travel use. It is a convenient lens, but if you pair it with a 100mm+ lens, then you leave out a big gap.

If you like your 16-35 and 100-400 lenses, then consider keeping them and adding the 90mm macro lens (per your comments above) as well as the 55mm f/1.8 . This makes for a 4-lens kit, but adds more versatility (macro and low light).

Alternatively, you can consider the 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens - it covers the same versatility (macro and low light), but to a lesser extent., It is much easier to travel with though.

If you are serious about wildlife, consider a faster (than a zoom) fixed lens, this may give you more options (shutter speed wise). Also consider a tripod and manual focus.

The other lenses to consider are the f/2.8 Sigma zoom lenses, they are more compact and more affordable than the Sony GM lenses.

If I were you, I'd opt for the 50mm f/2.8 Macro lens at this time, and save all other options for later...

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