Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

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Re: Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

brucet wrote:

Just a comment directed at nobody in particular.

I'm assuming that shooting in RAW means you are looking for the 'highest quality' possible in your images. RAW = all the possible data from your camera. The more data you have the more editing you can do before quality drops.

So unless you simply convert your RAW file into a jpeg, (why not let your camera do that), then you are looking to keep as much data as possible. For me that is NEF to a 16 bit tiff. Then into Photoline where I can create layers. Work in both 16 and 8 bit. RGB and LAB. Positive and negative opacity, etc etc etc. Without the maximum data all these actions/edits will soon degrade the data to the point that you would be better off not starting.

My point being that if you are going to the effort of shooting in RAW then keeping the maximum amount of data is paramount. I simply can't see the point of shooting in RAW then saving as a jpeg. Yes I know that you can adjust the RAW before saving as a jpeg. What I'm talking about is moving that RAW onto more in depth editing.

Thanks for posing this observation..   And thanks to ggbutcher for an informative response.

In my own little world, shooting raw has its most valuable advantages in being able to make post capture adjustments with WB and exposure.  One also has to take into consideration that I'm shooting with a resolution challenged D3.  I fully believe there exists some limitations inherent with 12.1 megapixel body, that may be somewhat restrictive when the discussion includes "highest quality", while smartphones are capable of capturing much higher resolution.

And, then there is issue of output and for what it's intended.  Much of what I shoot is for a 501(c)(3) -- raw+JPG.  If I don't have the luxury, due to deadlines, they get un-edited JPG's.  If I have a 24 hour turn around, which is typical, I much prefer post processing raw files.  Yet, the format they work with is strictly JPG.  These images are used by marketing as well as public relations.  Some are sold to advertisers and some are used internally for website or advertising purposes.

The interesting aspect of this, the non-profit (and don't think of it as a small operation since it's significantly large), has a dedicated (albeit small) graphics department.  They use Photoshop, but the sheer volume of images that our group of photographers produce, is far greater than they're prepared to deal with.  In a sense, the handful of us who shoot raw, are doing their work.  But, I'd rather submit my work with the effort of taking the time and energy, to work with raw and make that conversion, rather than letting the camera do it.


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