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Light tent

Recently I bought a small plastic light tent on Amazon for #12.

The tent is made of white plastic, it can be folded so it fits into an attached bag. When open, it's held together by latches. There are two rows of white LEDs attached inside, and they are truly white, without annoying yellow tint. The LEDs are powered with 5V, so a regular USB charger works here. (The cable comes with the tent, but you have to provide the charger.)

The tent comes with 6 backgrounds, but, unfortunately, they are not smooth, but have grid texture.

My opinion? If you need a quick picture of something not too big, then it will do the trick, more on, it's a great time saver. The setup is quick, you don't have to mess with a big tent, external lamps on the stands, you can do it virtually at your desk. An example of it could be product documentation where some picture quality defects can be tolerated. But if you want a product picture that goes into a flyer, better go the lab and use real stuff.

Here is an example picture:

Conditions: dark room (picture taken after dark with lights out), white background had a sheet of white paper put under it since it proved to be too transparent. Background texture is clearly visible.

For $12 it's definitely worth it--at least for me.

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