Fast primes vs good zooms

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There is no "versus"

spike29 wrote:

Primes are often faster in aperture so f2.8 against a f1.7 is a officious victory for the prime.

It's not an "officious victory" in some nonsense rhetorical nothingburger "versus" battle. It's a meaningful difference that allows a different photographic result.

You either want that different photograph, or you don't.

So why is a PL15mm f/1.7 preferable over a PL12-60?

- 15mm on the pl12-60 is about f/3.1 so around 2 stops slower then f/1.7

Let's imagine uses for two extra stops of light:

1/ Shooting the 15mm, you're able to use a shutter speed two stops faster. Say, 1/250 instead of 1/60. That's the difference between motion blur and tack sharpness for many subjects.

2/ Or you're able to use an ISO two stops lower. Say, ISO 400 rather than 1600 in marginal light. The photo from the zoom will be noisy and bloomy, the photo from the prime will be clean and crisp.

3/ Two stops means a significant depth of field and bokeh difference, particularly for a near-wide angle field of view with a fairly close subject. The prime's image therefore will have a blurred background, a suggestion of dimension, or an isolated subject; the zoom's won't.

You either want the faster shutter speed, the lesser noise, and the shallower depth of field, or you want different focal lengths at a twist.

That's the difference, the perfectly valid reason for both lenses, and the end of this story.

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