Lens Adapter Stopped working - what to get?

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Re: Lens Adapter Stopped working - what to get?

ken_in_nh wrote:

nnowak wrote:

Try cleaning all of the electrical contacts on your camera, the adapter, and your lenses with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). Intermittent issues like you describe can often be due to something as simple as accumulated skin oils. While you don't want to overdo the alcohol on your camera or lenses, you could literally submerge the adapter in alcohol and not cause any damage.

I'd skip the alcohol. The classic way to deal with contact problems is a pencil eraser. Just gently rub each contact on the lens and the adapter (both ends) and blow any dust/crumbs off.

Pencil erasers will clean off oxidation. Alcohol will clean off oils. Gold plating mostly eliminates the oxidation issues.  Excessive use of pencil erasers can actually wear through the thin gold plating

The pogo pins on the female side of the adapter are especially susceptible to oil contamination. The pins are not soldered directly to a wire, but instead sit on a spring which in turn sits on a gold pad on a circuit board inside the adapter.

The adapters are ridiculously simple, so if contact cleaning doesn't fix the problem, think about a lens problem.

It is unlikely that all lenses would develop a similar problem simultaneously.

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