few things i like to know about the A7R4

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few things i like to know about the A7R4

this question is to those who own the camera already.

i search for answers the youtube guys cant give me cause they are all just using  the same text.

1. New EVF:

- if i set the EVF frame rate to (hi), resolution get set back. -> to what res it gets set back ?

- if i set EVF res to (hi), does that automatic mean EVF frame rate gets set to (std) ?

- does the A9II EVF will have the approx same specs as the A7R4 EVF when shooting in AFC   with Silent shooting/1st elec front curtain on ? approx 3,68mp with 60fps?

2. New Processor

- does it also affect preview time and preview maginfication time. how fast/slow is the preview/magnification mode ?

- is it possible to change settings while the camera cleans the buffer to sd card ? i know apsc mode isnt possible during write to sd card, but whats up with the rest of the menu ?

3. Shutter

- uncompressed raw hits how many FPS ?

- 1st elec front curtain switched off slows down the FPS, uncompress raw with complete mech shutter does how many FPS ?

- is AFC possible with elec shutter (silent shooting) ? how does elec shutter affect AFC, any draw backs i have to take care of ?

thats it for the moment, any help is much appreciated.

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