Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Re: Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

JoeGuide wrote:

In 6 month, pop in a new FF sensor in the same body and sell at below $1200, and the slaughter begins.

The $64,000 question (for Nikon) is how much of that slaughter will be hurting Canon and Sony, and how much of it will merely eat away at the direly-needed profits from the Z6 and various Nikon FX bodies.

The whole market has gone upscale price-wise for quite some time.  I'd be surprised if we were ever to see another $1,200 FF mirrorless body from Canikony, for the simple reason that the market keeps shrinking and the value sweet spot for the makers, not the consumers, is now north of $2,000, not below that.  Sony sells a lot of bodies at price points that used to be reserved to pros, and it is enthusiasts, not consumers or advanced consumers, who are fueling that segment.

I have to admit I am puzzled by Nikon's strategy around the Z50, since its marketing message and the feature set aren't well sync'd, to put it mildly.  On the other hand, I don't believe Nikon is foolish enough to cannibalize the FF mirrorless segment more than absolutely necessary for them to re-gain some traction.

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