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Re: about RAM memory

jouni123 wrote:

I have rather good PC with i7 processor 2.8Mhz and 16 MB RAM memory 1600Mhz. How much scan I wait my computers speed increase if I change memory to 32GB with 3000 Mhz. Must I check if my computer can take faster RAM, I guess it takes 32 or 64 GB Ram. Graphic card is Geforce 440 class. Computer is about 4 years old, jouni

You'll find very little noticeable improvement with most workloads.  The vast majority of memory accesses come from the CPU's onboard cache, so even doubling the memory speed probably won't net you more than a few to several percentage points of overall performance improvement.  And that's only if memory accesses are actually the bottleneck, which is often not the case.

My rule of thumb is that a 10% performance increase is measurable, but not noticeable.

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