Can you list/review all the super flat pancake lenses that can make the Sony Alpha truly pocketable.

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Re: Can you listthe Sony Alpha truly pocketable.

Labe wrote:

Define “ truly pocketable “ as I can’t get an 6000 series body in my jeans pocket even without a lens.

It does fit in my fleece jacket pocket with the kit 16-50 , 16mm f2.8 pancake and 20mm f2.8

The last two (just from looking at pictures) seem to be the limit for me. The kit 16-50 seems a little too bulky. When I look on the web for Sony E mount pancake lenses, there are many lenses that are shown, but some don't look like pancakes to me. If the lens is protruding too much, why call it a pancake? I suppose a "pancake" lens is a subjective view with no specific measurements.

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