Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

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Re: Your Nikon RAW NEF Work Flow ?

Bobthearch wrote:

I have both installed. They both allow for basics such as re-selecting the in-camera Picture Control components, changing white balance, etc.

NX-D is more advanced with seemingly more tools.

NX-2 is faster. It's so freaking fast! Fast to launch, fast to open NEF files, fast to convert... That's why I still use it.


since you are using nx-d and nx-2 interchangeably, can you tell me if the user interface is similar in both?

I find a very good tutorial on nx-2 at (by Ben Long) but nothing on nx-d. So I am thinking if I do that, would I be able to make use of that in nx-d.

Thanks in advance.


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