Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

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Re: Could the Z50 be Trojan horse for the new Z5 budget FF camera?

JoeGuide wrote:

Bridgehouse wrote:

JoeGuide wrote:

lokatz wrote:

Why would a Z5 need a Trojan horse to get in?

No silly, a UHS-II flash card needs a Trojan horse to get in.

The Greeks (Nikon) is presenting an innocuously looking Trojan horse (Z50) to the Trojans (angry Nikon consumers) to pacify them and the gods.

But in fact, it is a nefarious plan by Nikon to use the Z50 body (which is really a FF body in disguise for their new Z5) to upgrade everybody to FF camera. By having APS-C users purchase the Z50, volume pricing can be applied to reduce manufacturing cost for the budget FF Z5. It will also get more users onboard as Nikon mirrorless cameras (think gateway drug).

In 6 month, pop in a new FF sensor in the same body and sell at below $1200, and the slaughter begins.

A ff body for under $1000 after some retail discounting??

Get outta here. Nobody will ever need more than 640k

LOL. You must be old to remember that.

Nah. Just been in IT since a young age

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