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Re: Merrill or Quattro

I'm using Sigma camera for work since 2012.

The Merrill was a big step forward over the original Foveon, the Quattro has a higher pixel count but the Merrill has better micro contrast, more accurate colors and looks crispier.

The DP series has the advantage of the leaf shutter, which can be syncronized at all times plus is silent and without any shutter tremor, the SDQH shakes like a 3.5 earthquake, which is a huge drag for stacked macro work.

DP0 Quattro for Landscape and Architecture, best and most easiest camera to handle.

DP2 Merrill is to take everywhere for any occasion, very sharp & small

DP3 Merrill for Reproduction of paintings, best colors with X-Rite ColorChecker

SD Quattro H for studio and macro work with special lenses, problem with overheating outside like in Brasil it lasts less than one hour shooting architecture and it's too hot.

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