Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

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Re: Why I am I so bad composing with wide angle lenses?

richard stone wrote:

Three things come to mind?

1. You are the one making the pictures AND making this good and bad evaluation. It's not a good -bad issue. The images are just different. And you could be being excessively hard on yourself.

2. As have heard it described, photography is about exclusion, and painting is about inclusion... With the significance in this discussion that more things get included in a WA frame. If not controlled/managed/intended it looks like clutter. The challenge is in deciding what the image is about.

3. WA lenses work well in urban environments, where the subject is nearer. In my sad experience, taking pictures of huge and impressive but distant mountains with a WA makes the mountains look like mere pimples. Which might be fine if you really want to show the lake in front of the mountains. This is the foreground issue. Or the flowers in a meadow near to the camera. Another foreground issue. Lea seems to have overcome that issue.

I sometimes think that we get inspired to take pictures by the totality of a scene, or a moment, and yet, when we grab a lens to show all of it at once, what we felt gets lost. It takes some care to make an image that reflects even part of what we felt, or what we found interesting. And it doesn't always work out. (Understatement Alert...)

Very true.

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