Share a Favorite Photo Made with the 18-55

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Re: Share a Favorite Photo Made with the 18-55


Here's one of my favorite 18-55 images. Shot very soon after I bought my XT1 with the lens. I used a tripod because the light was low and I needed a small aperture to get deep enough DOF to catch the axle detail and the window and ivy detail. I took quite a few images to catch the window between the spars of the moving waterwheel...... There was a little PP to adjust the contrast so that the ferns in the bottom left weren't too bright.

I like the detail in the stone and creeping plants, and the small sense of mystery about the two windows behind the wheel.

I sometimes buy into the prime vs zoom debate and wonder whether my 23mm prime lens would have delivered a better shot if I'd used it instead, but the zoom was the lens I had with me at the time.   I doubt it.  No-one who looks at the image ever says 'oh dear it was shot on a zoom'.  And sometimes I am tempted by the 16-55 but no-one says 'if only you'd had the 16-55' either.  So I keep the 18-55 - it's a very good lens as kit zooms go.

Cheers, Rod

Fuji XT1, 18-55.

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