Kudos to Nikon and the 58/0.95 S Noc Lens

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Kudos to Nikon and the 58/0.95 S Noc Lens

Kudos to Nikon and their R&D Department for developing and making the 58/0.95 Noc Z a reality. Will I buy it? Only if I win the Mega Million. Yes this lens is very expensive and have very limited audience. The thing I admire is the technology that went on to build this lens. IMO, all the R&D learned from creating this lens will eventually trickle down to the average consumer level. When? How long? I don’t have a clue, but it will someday help make better lenses. Without any R&D to create the extreme, no one will never know the extent of their capabilities. Yes, people will complain, whine, b1tch & moan, questioning why, that it's a waste money and resources and so on. They're Nikon and they’ve been known to create extreme lenses, just like the Nikkor 6mm/2.8 super fisheye lens. Did it make sense to a lot of people? No. Did it make sense to Nikon? Maybe. But this is how technology advances, create something that nobody has not done before. The money and time spent in creating extreme lenses that don’t make sense to many people is not wasted. If the technology don’t trickle down to us consumer, then maybe it's a waste of time, resources and money. If not, then maybe it’s a bragging right. But to me, I will not criticize Nikon or any other company that wants to create something just for the sake of creating. Whatever their purpose in doing so is not my concern. I hope they keep doing this in the future.

The technology is here to create exotic extreme and great lenses if someone is willing to pay. The one thing that noticed is that people wants the best for the least amount money which is not going to happen. Camera manufacturer are in business to make money and will try to accommodate every level, from low end to high end.

Some example of extreme lenses that 99% of us consumer saying why? Because there people out there with more money than they know what to with it will buy it. There are people that wants it. There are people out there that needs it. I wish I was the first one 



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