A bit of a learning curve but I love it so far...

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A bit of a learning curve but I love it so far...

About 3 weeks ago I traded in my Nikon D750 and lenses and took a leap of faith with the EOS-R. To make a long story short, these are the pros and cons after about 3 weeks of use shooting landscapes, night scenes, portraiture and real estate.


1. Back LCD Screen is beautiful, and the touch is very fast and almost instant.

2. Focus Peaking works flawlessly when trying to get everything in focus during landscape work, especially when the camera is positioned in an awkward position.

3. Excellent Grip and the size is very good. It has a natural fit.

4. EVF, as far as EVFs go works well. I'm not a fan of EVFs in general, so I'm still getting used to it.

5. Image Quality is excellent. **Note: When shooting with this camera, your settings are important as they can and will help or hinder IQ quite substantially. Watch your ISO settings and the light quality. Do not "set it and forget it." **

6. EF to R Adapter works flawlessly with EF lenses. I've used the 16-35 f/4, 50 f/1.8 STM and 135 f/2 with the adapter and each lens performed beautifully with ZERO issues in both sharpness, AF or IQ. (and its more than half the price of Nikon's FTZ adapter)

7. AF is powerful and deadly accurate, although somewhat lackluster in certain areas (not in accuracy, just options. I'll explain in the cons)

8. Back LCD screen rotates and folds against the camera so you can protect the LCD screen when not in use. This is great for those who do not baby their cameras.

9. Live View is fantastic compared to what I came from (The Nikon D750's Live View was terrible). Zooming into 10x to double check exposure is easy and the screen is bright and accurate.

10. Focus Guide works well (for the most part)

11. Canon is fantastic with their Firmware updates for this.

12. It's just fun to use, lightweight and easy to pack around.


1. There is no mode dial, so getting used to using two buttons and subsequent dials to change all of my settings is a pain in the backside. I'm getting better, but at times when I need to make quick changes I find it to be cumbersome.

2. The top LCD screen stays lit in the mode you're in even when the camera is "Off". This just drains the battery, so I always take the battery out when not using the camera.

3. AF: While deadly accurate when locked on, I find issues with two main areas:

a) I cannot figure out how to get the AF array to open all available points when using AF. Instead I have to choose a mode which contains clusters of points, so if my subject is radically changing, whether it be a person, landscape or animal, I have to constantly change my AF area, which is annoying.

b) While Eye Detect focus does work well, I find that it sometimes struggles to get an initial hit on the eye and struggles a bit when re-aquiring an eye. Once it grabs an eye, however, it is very accurate. My portraits have been SO much better since Canon added firmware for the Eye AF.

4. Video: IF you're a video-centric shooter who wants to be the next You Tube sensation, this camera is not for you. It is designed as a stills camera, not a multimedia powerhouse. The camera has stuff like 4K and other video features, but you won't get full functionality for everything. This camera is a stills powerhouse, but a video amateur. Bear that in mind before deciding to purchase.

5. The Multifunction bar is practically useless. I tried giving it the benefit of the doubt, but its location and the smaller size of the camera means that I am constantly activating it. I know Canon tried to do something unique with the EOS R and I appreciate that, but I think a joystick would have been a much better idea.

6. Single card slot. Not a deal breaker for some, but a real downer for others. I just got myself a 128 GB card, and I hope it never fails.


Overall, despite a few niggles, I love this camera. I just enjoy its size, I enjoy the functionality, I love how quick it starts, how well it works and the quality of the images it produces. The AF could use a bit of refinement and Canon needs to add some firmware to shut that top LCD screen off when the camera is off, but other than that it is a solid piece of gear and a joy to use.

Canon EOS R
30 megapixels • 3.2 screen • Full frame sensor
Announced: Sep 5, 2018
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Canon EOS R
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