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M43 Rules!

I did Rab Bua yesterday. Its a 100 year old Lotus Throwing Festival held in a totally Thai suburb of Bangkok called Ban Phli (or Bang Plee). Its primarily a Thai thing, as I was the only white guy I saw, whether fat and sweaty or not.

There were tons of photographers there. As usual with Asian dudes (primarily Thai but a few Japanese) its a Canikon big lens love fest, set up with tripods and the like standing as high as they can above the crowd on old junked construction machinery and hills of trash as is common around Thai khlongs. They probably got there at 5:30 am. I saw one guy with a G5 in the crowd though

I rolled in at 6:30 am, nice and baked. Based on prior research, I knew the only way to get good pics was to wade into the crowd, so I pidgen Thaied my Taxi driver into taking me across the canal opposite the Wat where the cermonies take place. Of course because it had rained, that side of the canal was a sea of mud and the usual s***t (sometimes real) you find on the banks. Its was also 95% humidy and 90 degrees F.

Gear wise I knew I would be in a mess. Heat, humidity, crowds, poor infrastructure, drinking, mud and big old Lotus Buds getting tossed everywhere. The gear was my G9, 12-60PL with no CPL, Peak sling, carbon fiber monopod with just a clamp and no ball head, all carried in an Osprey Raptor 22. The method I used was to shorten the sling, attach the camera to the monopod, attach one end of the sling to my pack strap as a safety line, and hold up the monopod overhead and start firing away with the LCD out and angled down. Of course, becasue of my vision and exacerbated with the morning lighting, all I could functionally see in the LCD was the histogram, the level and the zebras, so I had to trust the focus (single area back button). I ran shutter priority and basically zoomed in or out, focused, adjusted the histogram/zebras and fired away with the camera held as high over my head as I could

I did about 300 pictures. Because I wasnt tied down to a big rig, I could move through the crowd and I noticed that none of the FF boys all set up moved at all. Eventually I ended up on the other side of the canal walking though crowds and firing off more photos of the markets etc

Im processing the pics now and they are darn tasty. For copyright reasons, I will only post the culls, but here is a link to video I took with Lotus flowers bouncing off my head and the crowd jostling as I held the camera over my head. The Lumix kit I had was a lifesaver in this scenario, as can you imagine holding a FF with a 120MM lens over your head in a huge crowd of folks in the mud in tropical heat?

And Im using a "big" M43.


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